Our family has been eating homemade whole wheat bread for over twenty years. Over the years we have done many experiments and our resulting whole wheat bread gets rave reviews from our customers and from the members of our own family. We make our bread with freshly ground white wheat, which we grind minutes before kneading of the dough begins. This gives you the freshest wheat flour possible because the second you grind grain, of any kind, the naturally occuring oils are exposed to air and begin the process of going rancid. Artifical ingredients of any kind are never found in our bread. We don’t want to eat them ourselves and we wouldn’t think of selling bread with chemical additives in it. Our bread is made with: Freshly ground certified chemical free white wheat, water, honey, butter and/or organic coconut oil, salt and yeast. We grease our pans with butter or palm oil, natural God-created fats. Hydrogenated fats are not good for us and we never use them. Our loaves weigh approximately   One and three quarter pounds.

Unlike commercially produced bread, there are no preservatives in ours. It will keep on the counter for several days. It freezes very well. We bake bread throughout the winter to freeze and use during our busy season and it tastes just as good when we pull it out to eat it as it did the day we baked it. Because we think bread stays moister if it is not sliced, we always slice it as we use it. We do not slice the bread, allowing you to slice it to the thickness you prefer.

Our bread is $4.25 per loaf. While our bread is available year round, please call ahead to make sure that we have fresh bread made when you get here. Being a small farm, not a big corporation, we don’t have hundreds of loaves on hand seven days a week.