Free Range Eggs

The chickens that lay wonderful eggs for you are allowed to run around outside ALL day long. They don’t just have access to the outdoors. As soon as the sun is rising they are all outdoors until the day is done and the light is fading. Because of this, our layers give us eggs with extremely yellow yolks (showing a high beta carotene content) and they are much tastier too. In addition to the bugs and plants that they eat, we give them a CERTIFIED ORGANIC feed ration. Because our chickens are healthy, they produce healthy eggs for you.

Mother Earth News tested the nutritional content of real free-range eggs several years ago. They have published the results here: Egg nutrition pastured vs. factory

Our flock size has increased, and we now have quite a few eggs. We have eggs year round, but chickens do lay more at certain times of the year. We have an abundance of eggs in the spring and the lowest number of eggs in the winter and summer if hot and dry. Chickens lay based on how long the daylight is. We allow them their natural cycle of molting (losing feather) and resting from their laying. By getting our new chicks in May, we usually will have some eggs all winter.


Eggs are $3.50 per dozen. Call first to make sure we have some available. 417-452-2049