Pasture Finished Lamb


Lamb 2017



We will have four whole lamb available in Spring of 2017. Date of butchering to be determined still, but will be before the end of May. All lamb must be picked up the week after processing.

Our lambs are raised on pasture their whole life. We do not forcibly, wean them early from their mothers, so they get to drink milk much longer than commercially raised lamb. Their diet consists of what they would naturally eat in the pasture along with a kelp mineral mix, and salt. We never give them antibiotics, hormones or chemical wormers. Nor do we spray chemicals or poisons in our pastures. While not certified organic, we go beyond organic practices. Our sheep get a salad bar of forage to eat rather than a monoculture of just grass. In addition to several varieties of grass, we have several types of clover, lespedeza and other plants in our fields. Our pasture finished lamb is raised the way you would raise them if you could.

Price of a lamb is $8.25  per pound hanging weight includes butcher’s processing fee. You may choose your cuts. If you choose any special services, such as stew meat, there is an extra fee. Customer pays ALL processing fees for any extra services requested.  Hanging weight is usually between 30 – 50 pounds with a net weight of meat between 25 – 45 pounds. Sometimes a lamb might be a bit bigger or smaller.

We are required to collect sales tax on lamb because we are selling to the end consumer. Lawrence County Sales Tax is 2.35%.

We take each lamb to the butcher. He will cut, package and freeze the meat for you. All meat, except ground meat, is vacuum packed. Meat is picked up by appointment at the butcher or at our farm the week following processing. We do not have a storage freezer for bulk purchases and all bulk purchases must be picked up when ready.

Click here to Submit your order now.  $100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a lamb.