Pastured Poultry

Would you rather have chickens and turkeys raised like this……. or this???

We raise our chickens and turkeys on pasture so they have fresh air, sunshine, green vegetation and insects to eat. We start them off directly on pasture, giving them a hover with a heat lamp for a few weeks where they can run to get warm as needed. The chicks and turkey poults are raised in floorless uncrowded pens and once they no longer need the heat, they are moved daily around the pasture. Hawks love to swoop down and scoop up even an adult chicken so the young chicks need the protection of our pens during the day for hawks and at night to protect them from nocturnal predators such as possums and raccoons. Because the pens are floorless and open on the side they still get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, insects, grass, clover and whatever other vegetation is growing. In addition to what they eat from the pasture, our chickens get a GMO-Free/CERTIFIED Organic Feed. It’s a little inconvenient as we have to travel 218 miles round trip to get it, but we believe it is worth it.

Raised in a natural environment they turn out differently than corporately raised poultry. They taste better, the fat is not hard and white like commercially raised chickens, but yellow and soft. Omega 3 fatty acids are higher in pasture raised meats. Being raised in a healthy way, they become a healthier meal for you. Read more about grass raised meats at We know which ones we would rather eat!!! How about you?

We will be raising four batches of 150 chickens each. Due to my daughter expecting baby number 2 and an expected trip to her home by Tammy to help after the baby is born, we will only be raising chickens for May, June and July processing. $2 non-refundable deposit per chicken ordered required. Chickens will be $3.50 per pound for 2017. If you order before April 15, you will receive a 5% discount on your chickens and turkeys.

We will be doing one batch of turkeys. We will base the number of turkey poults we purchase on the number of orders that we receive. Turkeys will be butchered in October to avoid having to butcher in frigid weather. Turkeys will be picked up fresh the day of butchering for you to take home and freeze in your own freezer for Thanksgiving. $10 non-refundable deposit per turkey ordered. Turkeys will be $3.50 per pound for 2017. If you order before April 15, you will receive a 5% discount on your chickens and turkeys.

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