2017 Newsletter


Hello from the Alger Family,

Thank you for your past business. Our family looks forward to serving your needs again this year. Good news! We are going to offer chickens and turkeys this year. Tammy’s back is much better, though not perfect and our two sons, James and Paul said they were interested in raising the birds this year. We will be timing things a little differently than in past years though. Due to upcoming family events, including a grandbaby due August 2 to our daughter in New Hampshire, we will only be raising the chickens in the spring as Tammy will be wanting to travel to New Hampshire after the birth to help Amanda and early fall butcher dates would interfere with that. There will be four butcher dates, one at the end of May, two in June and one in early July. We will only be raising 550 birds to sell, which is less than in past years. So, if you want some, get your orders in early.  We plan to butcher the turkeys mid-October again, before the cold weather hits. You will pick them up on butcher day and then take them home to your freezer and thaw for your Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner.  There will be a $2 non-refundable deposit per chicken ordered and $10 non-refundable deposit per turkey ordered. The deposit will be applied to your order on pick up day so you are just pre-paying for part of your order. Our chickens are fed a 100% certified organic ration. Organic means GMO-free but it also means grown without any chemical pesticides or herbicides.  GMO free feed can still be conventionally raised with chemicals. Our birds also get all the bugs and plants that grow in our chemical free pastures. They are better than just organic because they are raised outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

We continue to offer beef and lamb. Our lambs and calves are not weaned early as they are on most farms. That way they are able to nurse till natural weaning as well as get plenty of green grass and other plants to eat. They are never fed any grain. Pasture finished meats have been shown to be much higher in necessary Omega 3 fatty acids. We never spray herbicides, pesticides or any other chemicals on our pastures, nor do we use chemical wormers or routine antibiotics. Our cows and sheep do get a high-quality mineral supplement for their good health. They always have access to pasture, fresh air and sunshine. This makes our animals healthier and will make a more delicious, nutritious meal for you. We will have two beeves and four lambs to sell this year. One beef will go to the butcher at the end of June, one at the end of August. Pick up is the week following butcher day. The lambs are going to the butcher in May. All beef and lamb must be picked up on the scheduled date. There is a $200 deposit for 1/2 a beef, $100 for 1/4 a beef and a $100 deposit per lamb.

We butcher your chickens and turkeys here at the farm and you pick them up the same day. The lambs and beeves will be done at a local, family-owned butcher. Bread and soap is available year round. Bread must be ordered in advance as we bake each loaf fresh for you. Eggs are available whenever we have enough extra to sell so call ahead to make sure we have eggs.

Prices for chickens and turkeys are set based on feed purchased on March 30. If the cost of feed goes up later, we may have to increase our prices. Please know that we will always do our best to keep any price increase minimal if needed. We always sell out early and we are decreasing the number of birds we are raising this year and do anticipate an early sell out, so make sure you reserve your chickens & turkeys early so that you will not be disappointed.

If you want healthy food instead of factory produced food, you have found it.  You are always welcome at our farm to meet us and see how we raise our animals, the old-fashioned healthy way. We look forward to providing you with healthy, natural food.