Pasture Finished Beef

2023 Sold Out

We are sold out for summer and fall. We are keeping a waiting list. In the event that someone doesn’t send their deposit or one or two heifers do not calve by the end of June, we will have more beef available in October. So, if you didn’t order early enough and want to be on our waiting list, submit your order form with what you are hoping for and we will add your name and what you’d like.

We are taking reservations now for  2023.  A non-refundable deposit is required with all beef orders.  1/2 Beef deposit is $200 and 1/4 Beef deposit is $100.  Beef is sold only  by the half and  quarter (split half). If you want two halves, double the deposit.

Our beeves are raised on pasture their whole life. We do not forcibly, wean them early from their mothers, so they get to drink milk much longer than commercially raised beef. Their diet consists of what they would naturally eat in the pasture along with a mineral mix and salt. We never give them antibiotics, hormones or chemical wormers. Nor do we spray chemicals or poisons in our pastures. While not certified organic, we use organic practices in producing our beef. Our cows get a salad bar of forage to eat rather than a monoculture of just grass. In addition to several varieties of grass, we have several types of clover, lespedeza and other plants in our fields. We raise our beef the way you would raise them if you could.

Each beef is taken to the butcher. If you order a half, he will cut to order, package and freeze the meat for you. If you order a split half, the standard house cut will be done since both halves have to be cut the same. All prices are based on hanging weight. This will give you more options when choosing your cuts. Hanging weight can vary from 400 – 800 lbs, usually in the middle.

Half a beef: $4.20/lb includes standard processing, and Quarter (split half): $4.40/lb includes standard processing.  All cuts of meat except the ground meat will be vacuum packed and frozen. The ground beef will be frozen but the packaging will either be vacuum packed or in rolls depending on which processor your beef goes to. If you request tenderizing or any other special services, the butcher’s extra fees will be added on to your cost.

Pick up day to be determined and will take place at our farm (or if the processor happens to be closer to you, we can arrange to have pick up there). Deposit is required. You will need to mail us a check within  seven days of ordering to reserve your beef. We will hold for ONE week after an order is submitted pending receipt of deposit.

Frequently we are asked via email or phone about the pricing structure of our beef. Our examples are based on a 550 lbs. hanging weight. Hanging weight varies greatly. So, this is just an example.

Example 1:   Side (1/2 beef)

With a hanging weight of 275 pounds. At the hanging weight price of $4.20 per pound, $1155.00  plus sales tax of 3.725%

The 275 pound side of beef will yield somewhere around  199 pounds of packaged beef, depending on the animal and also on how you have it cut. Dividing 199 pounds into the total dollar amount of $1155.00 yields a per-pound price of $5.80 About half your meat will be ground with the balance being roasts and steaks depending on the instructions you give the butcher.

Example 2:   Split Side (1/2 of a 1/2 beef)

On a split side, we choose the cuts. Since you are splitting a half with another person, it is not possible to let you make the choices because the whole half must be cut up the same.

With a hanging weight of 137.50 pounds. At the hanging weight price of $4.40 per pound, $605.00 plus sales tax of 3.725%

The 137.5 pound split side will yield around 99.5 pounds of packaged beef, depending on the animal. Dividing 99.5 pounds into the total dollar amount of $605.00 yields a per-pound price of $6.08.  About half your meat will be ground with the balance being roasts and steaks.


We are required to collect sales tax on beef because we are selling to the end consumer. Lawrence County Sales Tax is 3.725%.



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