2018 Newsletter


Hello from the Alger Family,

Thank you for your past business. Our family looks forward to serving your needs again this year.

Our lambs and calves are not weaned early as they are on most farms. That way they are able to nurse till natural weaning as well as get plenty of green grass and other plants to eat. They are never fed any grain. Pasture finished meats have been shown to be much higher in necessary Omega 3 fatty acids. We never spray herbicides, pesticides or any other chemicals on our pastures, nor do we use chemical wormers or routine antibiotics. Our cows and sheep do get a high-quality mineral supplement for their good health. They always have access to pasture, fresh air and sunshine. This makes our animals healthier and will make a more delicious, nutritious meal for you. 

We will have two beeves going to the butcher September 4. We will have several in late spring of next year as well. Butcher date to be determined later. Pick up is the week following butcher day. There is a $300 deposit for a whole beef,  $200 deposit for 1/2, $100 for 1/4 a beef.

We have four lambs available right now. We are going to sell them live this year for $225 each and will deliver them to the butcher of your choice. You will pay us for the lamb and you will pay the butcher at pick up for his services.

Bread is available to order. My daughter Hannah is the master bread baker. We use chemical free wheat to bake all our bread which is sweetened with honey. Call or email to order your bread.

We are maintaining last year’s pricing for beef. The price of honey has sky rocketed and we are going to have to increase our bread price by a quarter to $4.50 per loaf.

My children are growing up. The chickens we raised were primarily their project. At this time, we are not planning to raise chicken or turkey this year.  

Eggs are in short supply this year as predators got too many of my hens last year. I don’t have room for any new customers.

If you want healthy food instead of factory produced food, you have found it.  You are always welcome at our farm to meet us and see how we raise our animals, the old-fashioned healthy way. We look forward to providing you with healthy, natural food.