Pasture Finished Lamb


Our daughter Amanda’s family has taken over our sheep operation. More information will be forthcoming. They will have  lamb for sale in fall 2022. If you wish to order a lamb, you can send us the order and we will pass it on to them.

Our lambs are raised on pasture their whole life. We do not forcibly, wean them early from their mothers, so they get to drink milk much longer than commercially raised lamb. Their diet consists of what they would naturally eat in the pasture along with a mineral mix. We never give them antibiotics, hormones or chemical wormers. Nor do we spray chemicals or poisons in our pastures. While not certified organic, we go beyond organic practices. Our sheep get a salad bar of forage to eat rather than a monoculture of just grass. In addition to several varieties of grass, we have several types of clover, lespedeza and other plants in our fields. Our pasture finished lamb is raised the way you would raise them if you could.

Click here to Submit your order now. Put in the comments that you are interested in lamb and we will pass your information on to our daughter and her husband.